japa hapa in seoul

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Blog this!

Friends, Romans, and poker fags: Lend me your ears. J/k!
I have been sooooo busy. Work is tough and I have been trying to finish my book of short stories. I promise to let you guys read them when I finish.
I saw a really bad car crash in front of my building last Sunday. This car skidded and as I turned around I saw the black car spinning completely around, well I saw the last 180 of it and smashed head on with a car that had slowed to a stop in the opposite lane. They hit exactly head on and then the spinning black car collided with a car travelling slowly in the opposite lane as well. No clear reason for the accident, but then again, Korean people have never needed an excuse to crash into each other. I suppose it would be not quite PC to say Korean people cant drive, so I willonly say that people in Korea cant drive. Can I get away with that?! Love you all and send me an eticket to the Las Vegas convention. I'll buy a Vanna dress or something.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Mel needs to relax

I've been soooo uptight lately, and feeling really catty. I wrote this post and then deleted it about this hidious looking woman who has this snooty blog where she thinks she is better than anyone. You should see this post she ran attacking this director who made a film about English teachers in Korea. She disagreed with him that English teachers were experiencing the real Korea. Oh! Like she experiences the real Korea. Anywho, I deleted the post because I felt that it was a little bit too much. I mean, I still hate the creature, but I'll let it go.
One of the korean workers got fired on Monday. He is late for work more times than he is on-time and he has been repeatedly asked not to smoke in the hallways, there is no ventilation there. So, Mr. Nakamura fired him first thing Monday morning. He wanted to argue his way back into his job, but Mr. Nak wouldnt have any of it. Mr. Nak called security as soon as the Korean guy raised his voice and that cute young guard came up and took him away. We packed his shit up in boxes and Mr.Nak asked that a delivery service take the stuff to the poor bastard's apartment. I thought that was so cool. Mr. Nak is so stoic. Anyway, what have my poker faggots been up to? Hehe!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Korean Stalker

So, this Korean guy follows me off the subway yesterday. And he is following me down the street and pretending to send messages on his phone, but I am sure he was taking pictures of my ass. I walk the long(and crowded) way to work and he is still about 10 meters back. This guy follows me into the lobby of my building. So as I am walking to the elevator, I hear the security guard ask my stalker what he wants. Our firm own the building and as it is a financial institution the security is a little tighter than normal. The security guys at our building are not the usual old man watching security cameras(sleeping). They are young, tough-looking trained security personnel. I turn back and walk over to where they are. The stalker says nothing really, only stutters and seems embarrassed. So I tell the security guard that he was following me and talking picture of my ass with camera. The security guy looked angry and said something like...Phone....Pictures...Police. I guessed what he said. Stalker gives him the camera and this pervert has the phone LOADED with pictures of women. Maybe we should have called the police because he might start doing crazier stuff to women later. But the security guy just deleted the pictures of me and sent him away after I got his business card, just in case. Creep.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Busy little girl

I am sorry I haven't posted much, and most of all sorry to my poker faggot friends, as I affectionately call them! I was in Tokyo for 5 days earlier last month. My great uncle passed away. Even though I didn't like him much(at all) I went to the funeral. He used to call me by this Japanese word that was basically the half-white nigger. In front of me. My mother would smile behind clinched teeth and bow. I needed a vacation and I wanted to celebrate his death. I hope the Japanese nowadays are not like MAKAGUCHI KENJI.
Min-ha made a new boyfriend and was excited to have a drink with he and me together. We didn't do anything overtly lesbian, but the vibe was there and the body language and facial expressions were not to be missed. Min-ha wants to surprise him some day soon.
I have been reading the weblog of this stupid boring bitch named Jodi. He blog is boring and self-important but her dickhead friends might sayit is enlightened and erudite. Erudike, more like it. http://asiapages.wordpress.com/ check it out. Oh, and don't forget to see the trashy "formal" dress she wore and the streetwalker make-up she has on. She took this ugly bald-headed Chinese soldier, who is in the US navy. I hope he is not looking at any classified material. LOL! So, she says she is not dating him but her "fuck me I'm dressed sluty"appearance says otherwise. I am sure that that dress and that make-up blended in well at a military "cotillion" (Oh fuck! LOL!!!), but it wouldn't go over well where I am from.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

J came by last night drunk

It was late, too; Probably close to midnight. I was so tired from working and then going to the gym after work that I had just collapsed in bed without having eaten dinner. I didnt hear the doorbell, but I sure as hell heard the pounding on the door. As a matter of fact, several of my neighboors heard too. I know this beacause I could see one man's door ajar and I could see the little red light on the videophone that means someone is using the videophone to look into the hallway. I was so embarrassed, but even more so, I was furious. I let him in but flipped the doorstop to leave the door open a jar. He was appologetic, albeit in an arrogant way. He looks so cute when he is drunk and trying to persuade me to let him spend the night. He never makes eye contact and looks like a small child trying to convince his parents to give him another cookie or stay up late and watch cartoons. Cute but in a pathetic sort of way that makes you smile and want to vomit at the same time. I felt a tinge of sorrow for him, or was it empathy. But this soon turned to irritation; Like the way a nip in the air is pleasant until the chill comes. I asked him to leave. I did so with a smile on my face. My mistake. He took this to mean I still liked him or something. He put one arm on my shoulder and moved his face closer to mine to talk. But he didnt talk softer, but at the same volume. Irritating drunk. He put his hand on my waist and squeezed in a sexual way. I grabbed his hand by the wrist and rotated it towards his thumb. It is an aikido move that my oldest brother, Gareth, had taught me the day before he got shipped to the first Iraqi war. I tried it on Gareth many times and even though he was 6'2" and muscular, I soon learned that I could take him down every time. Well, J is no Gareth. Never was and never will be. I twisted his wrist and he winced in pain. I guess since I was angered I twisted to hard or too quick, but he fell to the ground, which shouldnt happen. He was wining and I was getting angry at this point. I told him to get up or I would break his wrist. He started yelling very loudly and I let him go. He got up and wasnt yelling, but talking loudly and getting abusive. I pushed him twice and his back hit the open down the second time. I stepped forward and pushed the door open all the way and the doorstop held it that way. At this point, there were several doors open and several neighboors watching. I told J loudly and in Korean(for the neighboors to hear, J cant speak Korean) that I will call the police if he doesnt leave. The college kid form across the hallway looks like a nice guy and he is kind of big. i think he just got out of the military as his hair is still short. He stared at J with a look of concern on his face. I am sure that he was ready to help, but J left, I told him never to come back again. "Fine," he said. He left. I went back to bed, but was upset and couldn't sleep. He is not welcome back here. Ever.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Strip Poker

Since I got rid of Whatshisname, I have been lonely. I had Min-ha over for dinner and we drank beer last night. I told her about the poker gang that read my blog. She says she knows how to play poker and wants to show me. She says we have to play strip poker. So we both put on my winter clothes and started to play. She knows how to play so much better than I do so I was in spring clothes and she was still in Arctic wear. By the time I got down to my bikini, she was still in early spring. Everntually, I was buck naked and she basically jumped on me. She put such a deep scratch in my stomach from the big ass zipper on my down jacket.It was like a deep welt and I was pissed. She kissed it gently for me and I let her. I didnt learn all that much about poker last night but i did learn one thing. Two of a kind sometimes beats a full house. If you know what I mean.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

J posted the last six posts!

J stole my password for my blog and changed it. Then he posted the last 5 without my permission. I let him post on September 5th and then after that he changed the password and was posting crazy shit on my blog. WTF? He has been drinking alcoholicly and was verbally abusive to me. I broke up with him and actually had to go to his school to get him to tell me the new password for my blog. I am sorry for all that stuff he wrote. It's back to the old Mel from her on, I promise! Oh, my fans! And the poker gang. I miss you. Kisses to all, especially Ikky. I love you and prefer you.